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Its quite childish but I can’t stop smiling. Every time I see his face I get butterflies and feel all tingly inside. I want him there all of the time because he makes me happy and I laugh more with him than with anyone else, he’s such a dork and I love every minute of… Read More Bubbly.

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Ella Café

A few weeks ago I went to brunch with my boyfriend and his mother; we went to Ella Café in Plantation, FL. When they were telling me about where we were going I was just expecting a typical coffee shop with specialty coffee. Keep in mind I’m not a big coffee person but I was… Read More Ella Café

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The Best Feeling

Been friends for years now, always laughing and joking. But something was different now, it was like seeing him for the first time. Fingers start to tingle, heart skips a beat then drops; butterflies swarm your stomach. You muscle out a smile trying to appear normal. This sickening feeling in your stomach is unfamiliar but… Read More The Best Feeling

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A Princess’s Diary.

I pride myself on being a princess. Ask anyone, my entire high school career I convinced everyone I was a Princess. Freshman year it started and people were like “haha funny, yeah you’re a princess” sophomore year it was “Oh, we’re still doing this”, junior year it was “OMG get over yourself” and by senior… Read More A Princess’s Diary.