girl code.

Let’s talk about Girl Code. In our female society we have unwritten rules we follow. It’s basically just another way of saying be a decent person. For example, one of the rules are “Rescue any girl who’s being hit on by a creep”. No one likes to be hit on by creeps, so it’s kind of like you see something, say something. You’re in the club a see some creep making a girl uncomfortable, slide up in there and act like you came with her and grab her to dance with you. She’s grateful, and you might have a new friend. Another rule is “Give out a tampon to any girl who needs it”. We’ve all been there (and fellas if you haven’t, be happy you’ll never need to). So, if you have a spare tampon don’t be a jerk… share. But one of the most important rules are “Don’t even think about going for an ex-boyfriend/husband”. They are white noise, nonexistent. Even if everyone is still friends, they are invisible on the attractive meter.

If you’re a friend dating the ex, there is only one word for you, bitch. That’s it, plain and simple you’re a bitch. There is no way you are a good friend or person for doing that in my book; ESPECIALLY if she was still in love with him; this goes for me too, it doesn’t matter. There is a level of respect you should have for your friend and their feelings. Granted some people make mistakes, and friendships can sometimes bounce back. But more times than not the friendship is ruined.

Girl code isn’t there for us to follow these strict rules, is a way for girls to be nice to other girls. Believe it or not, girls would rather lift each other up and be friends then have to worry about their best friend stabbing them in the back. The girls who disagree with me are obviously the ones that don’t follow girl code, of course until it happens to them.

To all my ladies that stay true to girl code, thank you.




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