Hard Work Didn’t Pay Off.

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Hello hello!

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and over stuffed themselves like me where I had TWO thanksgiving, so that means I gained double the weight! For my first thanksgiving on the actual day Is when I actually did my makeup because I wasn’t the one that wasn’t cooking as much. Now I decided I wanted the look to be very classic and scream fall with crap loads of glitter of course. So I didn’t go crazy with using a lot of colors I only used about 4 from my Morphe 35Om pallet and  my favorite urban decay glitter, blending was just my best friend. Other products I used are:

•e.l.f hydrating face primer

•NYX photo loving primer

•Kay Von D Lock-it Foundation

•Nars  concealer

•Banana setting powder

•L’Oréal telescopic carbon black  mascara

• NYX gel liner

•Bronze Booster

•Makeup revolution London vivid baked highlighter (Ultimate favorite)

•NYX liquid suede -soft spoken

Now I don’t want to come off as someone  conceded but my look came out pretty damn good! Of course my ladies would know the deal, I break out snapchat to take my best photos that I THOUGHT came out really really good until the moment I wanted to upload. Snapchat made me look like I was a basic white girl that just started to learn makeup and sadly out glitters on my eyelids and called it a day, WHEN in reality I worked on it for almost an hour  🙁 I really wished I used my regular unfiltered camera so everyone can see my masterpiece! But we all learn our lessons and the lesson of the day is: yes snapchat filters maybe fun but when your hard work basically get erased you will be extremely disappointed.

At the end of the day people still liked  my photo and my highlight still glowed through the filters and I guess that’s all that matters! 🙂

Endless love





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