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Kids DIY: Holiday Napkin Holders

unnamed-3So recently I was over at my aunts house hanging out with my baby cousin, by baby I mean 11 years old, and I noticed that she was working on homemade napkin holders for the holidays. I thought that they were unnamed-5the cutest things ever and I asked her about them. She said that her mom had bought her a kit to make them, but that she could probably make them with old paper towel rolls and various decorative things herself. Then, she told me how she just wanted to contribute to the holiday, but didn’t really know how because she cannot cook and decorate the table and such. When I really thought about what she said I realized how true her statement was for all children during the holidays. This way they can contribute the the festivities!unnamed-1

What I love the most about this idea is that you can make them for nearly every holiday, and it can become a fun tradition for your kids. All you have to do is set up a table with stickers, construction paper, foam cut outs of shapes, feathers, and other decorative things.

So I asked her if she could write me an instructional on how to DIY this
idea so that I could post it here for her, which got her very excited. Here are some of her tips, and mine as well!


  1.  Save and use old paper towel rolls, which are thicker than toilet unknown-1paper rolls, and cut them to size before you give them to your kids
  2. Pre- cut out foam shapes like feathers, eye balls, mouths or beaks, etc., but my cousin says they must be festive!
  3. To make it easier, pre-cover the rolls with construction paper, so all you kids have to do is decorate.
  4. Use materials that don’t need hot glue, that way the kids can make it themselves.
  5. Be creative! Use anything that you may think is festive, the more options the better
  6. You can save this activity for the day of, that way if you have a crowd coming over, all the kids can have fun while you are cooking.
  7. Make them for any and all holidays!

And most importantly, my cousin says:

  1. Put the napkins in the cylinders
  2. Invite friends/family
  3. Have a blast with friends/family


Here are some examples that can help you get started for almost every holiday!


images-5 images-1 images images-3 unknown images-2 images-6 images-4



With love,


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