We’re Just As Badass.


Women praising other women. No it’s not a rarity. Saturday I went to a Women Empowerment Expo to sit in on a few speakers. It is so awesome being a girl right now, there is so much support and encouragement from one another img_7263because we’re sick of being put down. It’s all about lifting each other up. During one of the speakers, Gabrielle Pelicci “Dr. Gabby”; I sat behind two women, complete strangers who by the end became accountability partners; which means that even though they didn’t know each other before hand, they were going to keep each other on track to reach their ultimate goals. These women believed in each other and each other’s dreams that they wanted to be a part of supporting one another; and this is where magic happens. People are unstoppable when supported. 2016 is our time, our turn to show the boys we’re just as badass. We are living life and being who we are; unapologetically being smart and powerful!

There is no proper way to be a woman or a feminist. It’s all about building each other up and supporting women. Whether you’re an Emma Watson, who is a voice for gender equality and presents herself with humbleness and modesty; or an Amber Rose, who is empowering women to reclaim their sexuality. Just because you’re a mom or a woman who enjoys embracing your sexuality doesn’t make you a slut.  Anyway why is being a slut a bad thing. Let’s reclaim the word how female rappers have proclaimed bitch to being being a bad bitch. A hot, boss lady type of chick or HBIC, head bitch in charge. That’s  the great thing about being a woman in America right now, we’re able to empower ourselves in whichever way we see fit.

I think that’s what was so amazing about Saturday, there were all different types of women there who each had a different story about how they became who they were at that moment. Not one person was judged for being who they were or their past, they were lifted up and honored and loved.

We need more of that, with all the shit us as women go through we always need more support from one another.

And in case any of you were looking for a little encouragement, here’s a quote from one of the amazing speakers.

“I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and lit that bitch up myself.” – Michelle Dempsey


Ileana xoxo



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