Halloween Shenanigans.

img_3130 img_3194 img_3210Hello Hello I’m Eve, one of the new members for IleanaPlease. Your go to from beauty and makeup tips and boy do I have a lot for you.  So as you know today is Halloween and I want to show you guys a couple of looks that I have done over the course of the days leading up to today. I did a bruised up Minnie mouse,  A half glam half skull and  a plastic surgery addict;  with most of these ideas I already had the make up and face paint that gave me inspiration for these looks. Now if you don’t have anything to recreate these looks here are some simple tips and a few things I used, that will also help you to get an easy and quick Halloween costume for today.

-Bruised up Minnie Mouse

Now this look I pulled together seriously last minute because I had a very early Halloween party to go to (seriously it was on October 8th) and someone already stole my costume idea so I had to go with good old Minnie. I got inspired because I wanted a look with gore so I said to myself why not make it look like Mickey had enough of Minnie’s sh*t. Here’s a list of what I use:

1. Face paint *that has the color scheme of dark colors*(that you can get at Walgreens, Walmart,etc)

2. Eye shadow *reds, greens, black, purple,brown*

3.  Fake gel blood

4. Thick Lashes

Blending will be your best friend with this look, I was lucky enough to nail it the fist time making the bruises. Most of the research I’ve done was mostly on Pinterest looking up bruises and scratch marks. Also another great component is shadowing to make the marks and bruises look so much more real instead of it looking like paint and fake blood on your skin. As much as I want to show my face makeup for this look I sadly didn’t take any pictures; but I will say make the makeup look very glamorous with glitter eyelids and one of your best Lashes and pop on one of your brightest red lipstick color you have.

Most of the face paint kits come with a black stippling sponge that will give you the best out come to bruises but I can guarantee it will take a while. It took me about an hour and a half to really make sure it looked as real as possible.

*Helpful tip: buy loose translucent powder so your pain isn’t so shiny- I buy elf brand which is maybe $5 max*


-Half glam Half skull

So tell me.. this is the 5th skull makeup you’ve seen this week? Well if you want to do this one you MUST have a picture of a completed skull look with whatever design you want on you skull side. You will need it to use it as a reference as your doing your makeup free-handing it. Here’s the things you will need:

1. White and black face paint

2. Lots and lots of black eyeliner

3. Black  eye shadow

4. Glitter

5. Your choice of lipstick

6.  Angle brush

painting your face white it hard with certain face paints (as you can tell I didn’t apply as much as I should have). But you will need a lot of coats and plenty of white powder to set it your face to avoid it from rubbing off. Now with your picture you have that had the design you want, you need to get an angle brush with some of the eyeliner and lightly outline the design so you can come back in with black paint and more eyeliner to make it darker.


– Plastic Surgery

This is one of the easiest things you need to do: Glam up your face with tons of  Contor, heavy lashes, and over dose on over lining your lips. You are going to need

1.Face paint *dark colors to make bruises*

2. Eyeliner

3. Fake bloody

All you need to do Is make lines on your face of the major points of you face like around the outter edge of your face, nose, lips, and cheek bones. Once you have done the lines and make them pigmented all you need to do is stiple some dark purple mixed with a hint of black to make them look very bruised. Add a little bit of fake blood anywhere you like if you want it to seem more gory as if it took a wrong turn during surgery.

I hope this gives you a little help for last minute ideas and a taste of the things I’ve done. Have a very happy Halloween and stay safe!



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