What 80’s Movies Taught Me.

I’m a movie watcher, it’s my favorite pastime. My favorite are 80s movies; and through my 20 or so years of living I’ve been taught some major life lessons from them. So I want to share the wisdom I’ve gained from these movies with you.

Let’s start with the Brat Pack, The Breakfast Club taught me not to judge someone on a first impression. And that labels should be used on food not each other, because in all honesty we really are all an Athlete, Criminal, Nerd, Princess and Basket case. The always fabulous Andie from Pretty in Pink taught me that it’s important to stand up for yourself, just because someone is more popular and has more money doesn’t make them anymore important or you any less worthy.  Duckie also taught me that sometimes you just don’t get the girl/guy and that’s okay.

My mom will love this one, Home Alone taught me that it doesn’t matter how crazy your family is; they are apart of you and you wouldn’t want to trade them for anything…. now say goodnight Kevin. *Sings Popular from Wicked* Heathers taught me that it is okay to want to be popular, but not if it means losing yourself in the process. You have to always stay true to yourself, whether others like it or not.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off taught me that the world stops for no one, so you should stop and actually experience it once in a while or it’ll pass you by. And of course that it’d be totally awesome to have my own musical number. Can’t Buy Me Love taught me that you can’t buy love (obviously), people love you for who you are not how much money you have or what you can do for them; so just be yourself and everyone will love you for it… that being said, if you buy me Chipotle I’ll love you forever.

Say Anything taught me that we should never settle for average. We should thrive to be extraordinary because we all deserve a John Cusack standing in the rain with a boom box moment. *cough cough* future boyfriend take notes. Sixteen Candles taught me that it may seem that nothing in your life is working, but if you give it time everything will work out the way you planned…. Just be patient. Oh, don’t forget Hot Guys have feelings too.

One of the greatest lessons from the 80s has to be to cut loose, kick off your Sunday shoes and have the time of your life. Dirty Dancing taught me that even if you have to stand alone, standing up for the people you love is more important. Footloose taught me that questioning authority and protocols aren’t always bad. Sometimes it’s what’s needed to evolve as an individual and society.

Dead Poet Society taught me the most important lesson. No matter what anyone say, our words and ideas CAN change the world. Our words are the most powerful weapon we have and I want mine to help make change for the better.


Ileana xoxo


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